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Automatic Trans Crankshaft Donut stuck on!

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  • Automatic Trans Crankshaft Donut stuck on!

    The 84T motor which is going into by 87 NA was pulled from a 84 Automatic transmission car. I am trying to use my 87NA manual transmission with this engine. However, i cannot remove the metal donut/ring off of the back of the crankshaft. I have heated it up, and used penetrating oil, which has broken it free. Using a large Stub nose Vice Grips i can rotate the Donut. However i can not pull it out!
    1. Do i HAVE TO take this out to use my 87NA 5sp?

    2. Are there any other ways to remove it?

    Please help!!

    BTW, the engine is already in the car hooked up and ready to go.

    Thanks -Mike
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    its called the pilot bushing...

    ive heard somewhere along the lines of filling the whole with grease and using a soclet that fits perfect in the whole with an extension in the back so the grease has no where to go but out , and pulling the pilot bushing with it .

    you only have to take it out if the n/a tranny pilot bushing is a dirferent diameter than then auto's which im pretty sure it is .

    btw i had to do this exact thing as my turbo block is an auto nd im using my n/a trany and i had to shave the pilot bushing down so it would actualy fit in the whole of the auto block.


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      I did an auto to manual conversion on an 85 a while back. I could not, for the life of me, get that thing out either. Then I noticed that the manual trans input shaft fits perfectly in there.

      I'd say clean it up, and put a bit of while litheum grease in there and go with it.

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        Hey call it what you want, but i got it out of there. I used a big snub nose channel locks, penetrating oil, a torch and a few hours to wrench it out of there. What a PITA!
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