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  • axle removal

    I have my rear crossmember and all those goodies out, and I'm overhauling it. The only thing I'm having trouble with is getting the axles out of the damn differential. I tried using a big screwdriver to pop them out but no luck there. What is the preferred method of getting those suckers out?
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    get a bigger screwdriver.

    or, place two largish flatblade screwdrivers on either side of the splined shaft and pry together.
    a little influence from a rubber mallet may help too. Just be carefull of the seal.

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      Large Screw driver or crowbar or both. The object is to get them to pop the first 1/4" to be released from the snap rings inside.
      ~Just stick the item used for prying against the diff and catch the lip of the half shaft. Give it pry or twist and it'll move that first 1/4" to release.
      *This is the easy part.
      Where people usually get frustrated is removing them the rest of the way. The trick is create enough slop by eitherun bolting the half shaft from the axle stub and/or undoing the diff. mount from the chassis so the halfshaft can be slipped completely out of the diff.
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        I didn't have any luck until I removed the halfshafts from the hubs

        which was an experience on its own, damn things were unbolted and wouldn't seperate..... whacked it from every angle, yanked, whatever....

        in the end they just seperated on their own when I moved the whole subframe, tricky little suckers


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          give them a good yank

          That seemed to work for me...

          Unless that is bad, then don't give them a good yank

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            man i just beat mine with a hammer on thing with four ears on it i beat then twist a half a turn


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                This has worked well for me.
                Not the end that is curled but the other end.
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                  My passenger side popped out with a simple yank by hand ... driver's side took a large crow bar, but out it came. I did remove the half-shafts from the wheel end first on both, of course. Also, if you end up doing some heavy banging on a lever of any sort, make absolutely certain that the rear end is very secure on whatever is supporting its weight. Also, make certain that you replace the circular O-rings on each shaft with new ones when re-inserting them.

                  Good luck.


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                    The tire iron that comes with your Z works great, I just stuck the flat head portion next to the diff and it popped right out. Just drop the bracket below the hub so you can get the half-shaft to drop down, then a quick pry from the tire iron and it's out.
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