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  • Another new member in search of help


    I just bought an 88 turbo that had been sitting for 4 years in a garage.

    And it runs really rough. It has to warm up before it will idle by itself and when I drive it, all of a sudden it won't accelerate and I have to pull over to the side of the road and keep pumping the gas pedal just to keep it going. But then after a while it will run ok.

    I tried gas treatments, water removers, etc.

    Then I drained all the gas out and put a new fuel filter on. Same problem.

    What should I do next?

    Very grateful for your advice, thanks,
    I wouldn't drive anything else.

    88 Turbo

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    What you describe is usually a bad MAF or the CHTS. Both are cheap and fairly easy to install. That diagnosis is given provided your ignition system is working correctly though....


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      When my turbo to TB pipe would slip off it would do that no power thing. Just slip on and off and on and so on

      I have to hold my throttle down until it is warmed up as well.

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        Thanks all for the help.

        Is there a way to test the fuel pump?

        Also sounds skippy. I'm gonna change the plugs next.

        Strangest thing though, when it kicks in, it runs fine, for a while~15 mins

        And when its at temp, it idles ok, for a while, and then I'll have to pump it like mad just to keep it from stalling
        I wouldn't drive anything else.

        88 Turbo


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          Still need help, thanks in advance

          I tested the AFM and saw the red glow after shutdown.
          Does this rule out the AFM as being bad?

          I changed the plugs wires rotor and cap

          Same problem--

          From cold start, very hard to keep idling, seems like increasing throttle actually slows rpm and then releasing throttle the rpms go back up.
          This happens for about 5 minutes until it warms up. Then it holds an idle but every minute or so needs a rev to keep from stalling.

          I give up
          I wouldn't drive anything else.

          88 Turbo


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            cylender head temp sensor A.K.A coolent sensor on most cars. NO this is not the thing on the radiator. It is on the driver side head right below and behind the cam gear. You can change it without pulling the timing belt but you may need to "modify" the rear timing belt cover say with some snips or somthing. just make sure you keep your timing belt in tact.

            Also a lot of time if an air flow meter is bad the car will not rev past 2k no matter how warm it gets.
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              If the gas was 4 years old and you started the car with it, you may have clogged the injectors because the gas seperates and gets like varnish. Run some fuel injector cleaner through a couple of times. Did you run the ECU codes yet? Anything come up?
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                Red glow on AFM after shutdown does NOT rule out AFM as being bad.

                It was the AFM.

                error code 55 ALL OK!!!!!

                Thanks for all the help.
                I wouldn't drive anything else.

                88 Turbo