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  • what could this be

    i was driving my car down the street to my friends house. i get there shut the car off. About 5 min later we are ready to leave got to turn the car on and nothing happens. Look at some more things and relize that nothing electrcal on the car works. I pop the hood check to make sure the battery is still connected it is. Having no idea what could be wrong i shut the hood as soon as i drop the hood i hear my radio turn back on go to start the car and it starts right up. any i deas what caused this. i dont want to drive it again untill i fix it because i dont want to get stuck somewhere.

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    battery terminals/connecting battery wires. Check them all for corrosion.
    It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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      Bad connection to the terminal on the battery... make sure they are clamped down. If that's not it, it's probably corrosion on the associated wiring.


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        This happened to me... the battery arced against the hood and ruined the terminals connection. All i did was hit the terminal a few times and power was back.

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...