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Fuel lines keep on falling apart..

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  • Fuel lines keep on falling apart..

    Well im having this problem....

    the two line that connect the stock FPR to the fuel rails keep on falling apart...

    They look like some one cut them with a razor blade...

    I have replaced them about 4 times in the last 2 days , And i cant even go any where with out it doing it?

    Any suggestions?

    Ohh yeah im using a walbro 255 , But i was told you do not need an adjutable fpr for this...

    and you guys are the only ones i can ask since no one else on the maxima forums has done any thing else except intake and exhaust..

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    Are you using a good quality high pressure fuel injection hose?

    Are you using fuel injection hose clamps?

    Are both the FPR and the fuel injectors secured to the lower intake with their respective mounting hardware?


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      yeah, wtf? I have stock nissan stuff still. Make sure it is for fuel injection. Gas leak = bad

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...