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    How confident did you feel about the timing belt install...

    Sounds like it might be a tooth off..
    It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...

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    Start with basics:
    -Set it up to TDC (top dead center) & check if timing belt is installed correctly.
    -Do a compression test.

    Did it lose power recently or has it been this way since you bought it? More info is needed.
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      The same thing is going on with my car after a engine replace ment from a auto 88 maxima.

      The car its in is a 5 speed 87 maxima.

      I have no clue whats going on...

      Went to 300zx ecu and maf , To see if it was bad maf or ecu ( 300zx is an upgrade... ) but still no fix...

      Checked the injectors allll pulsing fine!

      I dont know about the timming... The engine has 150 k on it and the car the came out of i dont know when it has ben changed BUT when it was in the other car it ran fine when you would press the gas all the way down you would get pushed back in the seat...

      Now when its in the car , You cant even take off with out it hardly stalling...

      You have to rev it up like to 3 k in first gear to take off....

      And once you'res in 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th there is no power what so ever!!!

      Slower then my girlfriends 4 cyl hyundai...

      This is what happens when im driving.

      Ill be in 3rd .. at like 3 k rpms.... And ill have the gas pushed down half way .... It will be comming along slow...hardly ... Its like im not pushing the gas but just a little bit , But when i push the gas all the way down .. the car will not gain any more momentum then it how much its was gaining at 1/2 throttle... But you can hear the engine sounding like its reving higher .. But its not ... And the rev meter wont be going up any...

      It just doesnt make any sence ??

      Maybe my tps isent adjusted right ... ?


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        Clogged cat?
        imagination is a virtue


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          craZed wrote: Clogged cat?
          ill remove the cat today and see if that helps...


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            Maybe the people i took the car to when i couldent get it started ( Turned out to be a grounding problem ) Changed the distributor , Maybe the dident adjust it right ?

            i dont have my fsm on me , How do i go about doing this?


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              marks on the crank pulley line up with the line on the timing indicator mounted to the lower timing belt cover. Pulley marks read from left to right...(0,5,10,15,20,25,30 degrees)
              Your 88 should be either 10 or 15 degrees(look at label under hood)
              When the engine temperature is normal(warm), and the engine idling, use a timing light clipped onto spark plug #1 and shoot the timing tab to see what mark on the crank pulley is lining up to the timing tab in order to understand the current base timing.
              Loosen the distributor hold down bolt and turn the distributor slowly to advance or retard the timing to the appropiate setting.
              I am here to help...


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                well i dont have a timming light looks like i should get one.

                And when i was messing with a few things just about 1 hour ago , about 3 of my harnesses whernt fully connected to the injectors...

                And i patched up a few vac leaks ...

                Hopfully that will help.

                batt's charging now and then i can take it for a ride.