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Replace E.C.C.S control unit!?!?!?

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  • Replace E.C.C.S control unit!?!?!?

    I just ran ECU codes on my 85 NA and it came up with 31 and 23. 31 is the air conditioner, which I already knew about... But 23 is the throttle valve switch. I went to EF&EC-50 in my manual and it told me how to check it... I had cont. between 18 + 25, but it was only like... .2, but its still something... and I didnt have cont. between 18-ground and 25-ground, which is also good.

    I read on to find the next directions to read... Replace the E.C.C.S. control unit... WHAT!?!? Grr... Any other things I can do to see if this is bad, or is the manual usually right about this stuff?

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    what was the original problem? why did you run the code test in the first place?
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      it was idling rough, and I thought it was the air idle valve... But I figured id run ECU codes to double check...


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        Anyone have any other suggestions I should try?


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          Sp4rt4n wrote: *Bump*

          Anyone have any other suggestions I should try?
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