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heat problems!

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  • heat problems!

    ok well its starting to get cold here in canada, and i dont have a winter car yet and have no heat in teh zed!
    the problem seems to be the controle panel, the hot air will only blow on the top vents by the windsheild!, when i press any other button it wont switch to the other vents!

    anyone have an idea what should be done?
    im starting to think that the control unit itself died, the car does have like 350000kms

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    It's most likely a vacuum leak. It's either in the engine bay, or underneath the dash.
    It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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      If you trace it to under the dash, check the recirculation solenoid first, as they often tear and leave you with a big leak.
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        The switching problem sounds to me like a control unit problem. You can probably find one in a bone yard or on e-bay for cheap.

        Check the water cock valve on the passenger side rear of the e-bay that the lever is moving when you switch to heat. That can be a good indication of where to start.

        This could be helpful:
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          thanks guys i found a vacuum line that blew off!

          also i noticed another problem with my heat!
          it seems that when im driving the heat works fine but when boost hits i can feel the hot air stop until its done boosting!
          im very confused but at least i have heat again!