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How To: Include images in your post

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  • How To: Include images in your post

    After being asked a couple of times, I created a basic tutorial for people who wish
    to include images in their posts but are unsure how.
    I did not cover uploading images to online hosts or image manipulation

    I could swear i created one before, but cannot find it anymore. Feel free to comment on any mistakes
    or errors.

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    Do you or anyone know how to link images? I tried linking with Google Photo but couldn't get it to work. I ended up uploading pictures to the server for some of my previous how-to posts. Thanks.


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      I been using You upload your pics (can even just drag and drop), then click on BBCode copy button and it formats it this way:

      I have to leave first [ off or it posts image..... img][/img]

      Guessing you can do the same for google photo. I like the multiple options on imgur though, when you click on the picture you want to share it gives you a whole list of ways to share it and simple "copy" button you click. Then you just paste it in whatever you are doing.


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        Just noticed you can click on pics after you post them to the forum from imgur and resize them if they don't need to fill the screen.

        Paste the link from imgur for your picture. Post your post. Then click edit and double click on picture, enter the width you want and it auto puts the height in.
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