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    Hey all

    I have made some changes here (good ones!)

    I have implemented a template for both For Sale and WTBs.
    They have fields that are required entries to be able to post them.

    The good news is that all FS and WTB posts are no longer moderator approved. This is because the fields will have the requirements!

    Anyways, its still a work in progress but functional for now.


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    Thumbs up to your foresight and application. Great job
    1986zxt w/ 86 na engine K&N, 3" CM turbo-back, Eibachs, KYBs, FMIC, Turbosmart MBC/8 lbs, recirculating BOV, ASCO plenum, dual fans, Maxima alt, Champion 3 row
    2013 Ford Taurus SHO Performance Package


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      Damn dirty angels....these cars!

      Current Daily Driver - 86 Turbo.
      Under the cover - THE BANANA... that needs to be re-energized.


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        Looks good, but too many "What is". Exclude that part for a better look?
        Cha iro

        enjoy building it yourself.
        if it fails, fuck it.
        at least you gave it a whirl.


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          I must say I really like the changes and that the templates work quite well


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            Agreed, great new look. BUT WHERE'S DAT MODULE AT!?
            " I spend another hour trying to rip the bolt out of the subframe, pausing every five minutes to scream and contemplate how I get myself into these situations. Two cars over, a guy urinates. I watch the steam waft off of the fresh puddle in the gravel. It merges with the blowing snow and is cut by the aerodynamic wedge of a nearby Fiero. Beautiful. Another pry and the carrier finally falls to earth. I walk out of there $80 lighter, which makes me more mad." - Brian Kolar


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              I'm trying to add images in the for sale section and I'm not having any luck. Where is the insert image icon? I tried inserting a image from photobucket to one of the other sections and it worked fine. When I use the manage attachments section in the for sale area I get a invalid message even though I'm using the same image.


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                When you add an image from photobucket, make sure you put in the correct format...