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    There's one feature I really liked in the old VB version of Z31P, that is the list of recent posts. The new version has 'today's posts' and 'latest activity', but both only list some of the more recent posts, not all of them. I hope it's possible to make that feature work again. It just makes it so much easier to notice any new activity.

    Great to see the board up again.

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    Edit: Check out "Recent Posts" on the main site navigation. Lemme know what you think
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      That's getting better, thanks! There's still something fishy going on there. I made a screenshot, I hope I can attach it.

      edit: I think there are some issues with attachments
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        What kind of fishy? Can you elaborate?

        Still learning bits and pieces of the new vBulletin myself


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          If you look at the screenshot I uploaded you can see how there's a couple of posts from today, then yesterday, then from April, and then again yesterday on the last row. It's still missing some posts and has some problems with sorting them by time. I think it's not really listing posts but threads that have recent posts added to them. It kind of works, but is a bit confusing.
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            I see, thanks! I'll look into it.

            edit: looks like a known issue. I'll take a look at the code and see how deep the rabbit hole goes


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              I just figured out this option today. I changed the JSON query in the Today's Posts URL from
              which gives me a list of recent posts from the last month. I think it works better than the current Recent Posts page.


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                I can get behind that change. I'll give others a couple days to chime in or not before the change.



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                  This change is now live (Recent Posts link).

                  Thanks so much for your feedback!