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    Some people have reported an issue with either the resestration e-mail or the server. This is just a DNS issue and you can get to the forum by typing in another DNS address for it. Because it's on the same server as, you can simply type if the DNS issue is pesent. Sorry for the complications, but I don't want to name a Z31 site after myself, or associate it with myself pesonally. It should be a 'free entity' of sorts, but not allowed to get entirely out of hand *cough*. Enough of my personal philosophy...

    This server is 99.9% reliable. I only had one issue in the last two years, and it was just for a completely stupid reason. If I recall corectly, the box is an Athlon64 4000 with a gig of ram, 80gb storage on an OC3...

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    The domain mask is screwing up logins and other things, so I am removing it. Expect a 24 hour delay for DNS update. will now simply redirect to without masking the domain name in your browser to be Less than ideal, but there's only one web server anyway.


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      1. I believe the avatar uploading and local storage issue is now fixed. Just had to set the permissions on the avatar directory.

      2. I will figure out image galleries when I have time.