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  • cobalt mod..

    I saved the page using cobalt to my drive, but it didn't take the background images, the checkers or the blue stripe...

    and you know I rather like it without them, everything is plain blue, which should be a shade or two darker, possibly less blue more gray but not bad

    all the icons and borders remain, the cobalt logo would have to go as the background for it isn't transparent (you'd want a new z31 related logo anyway) and theres some icon on the very bottom pane that's a problem too which is easy to fix

    maybe you should gibb0r me some access so I can play around with a cobalt derivative including colours, oh and it has one "issue" I don't remember seeing in the gray theme ...... that url posted somewhere went off the screen and cobalt wouldn't wrap it but the other did afair

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    To be completely honest, I dont like the cobalt mod. Ugly, hard to read, and just not needed. K.I.S.S.


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      I'll change it back when I get Morpheus or similar with a keep logged in check box...


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        what I'm proposing is to make it simpler, tone it down, and fix the font size ratio between the title and body which is like 2:1 right now