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  • power steering

    today i found my power steering belt half way on the pulley.
    im a noob and i dont have my manual handy, could anyone tell me how to loosen up the power steering so i can get the belt put back on.
    what would happen if th belt fell off, could i damage the power steering?
    my shop is about 25km's out of town, im kinda scared to drive that far with this belt.

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    Crack the bolts holding the PS pump to the engine. Loosen the tensioners 12mm until you can slip the belt back on. Then retighten (not to tight), tighten the cracked bolts back on

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      theres a 14mm bolt behind the pump next to the exhaust manifold, and 2 12mm bolts up front. and then the 12mm bolt on the tensioner. good luck.