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    Hey everyone, name's Chad.

    just bought at 1985 Turbo Z. Bought it off an old lady for 250 bucks. She traded her 280ZX turbo for it brand new in 85. Its got 69,000 miles on it, but its kinda rough. The underbody is pretty good, but it's got some major rust on the fron and rear of the REAR fenderwells.

    If anyone has any info on how to fix the rust post some links, or help me with some info.

    I could probably pull out a 6" section of just pure metal that has rusted all the way thru.

    Would I need to get it all cut out and some new metal welded in?

    I have no pictures of it yet, but I will post some when I get them.
    1985 300ZX Turbo, all options.

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    they don't make patch panels for the rear rockers or the lower quarters , your only hope is to cut them of a non rusty car, and is a crime unless the rest of the car is fucked, or fabricate you own patches(pain in the ass)

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      Please fill out your profile, we would like to know where you are from . Congrats on the purchase it sounds like you got a good deal.
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        Might be cheaper to move the drivetrain to a non turbo body. Rust repair can get expensive if done right.
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