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Vg30et vs vg33e swap

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  • Vg30et vs vg33e swap

    Hey guys/gals so iíve long ago sold my z but now want another v6 to play with and thought about dropping one in my volvo 240... but my question is : is there any benefit to starting out with a vg30et vs pulling a vg33e from lets say a pathy? As far as i know internally they are basically the same some differences in external oil pump/filter and accesories stick out further (and obviously lacks turbo) but thats going to be all custom fabíd anyway... but either way any input would be appreciated
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    More displacement, should be easier to get a lower mileage one and more availability, bigger exhaust studs, supposedly better intake...


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      I read the heads were better but i just wanted to make sure iím not overlooking something obvious lol
      Stocker 87 na z31 and a slightly modded 90 240sx


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        I think the heads are the same as the later VG30's. Cams are different, but can be reground. Timing belt is longer lasting in the newer VG33's. Check out the VG33 info page.
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          I believe that the OWO heads on the VG33 flow better than the VG30 heads (Nissan had to make some adjustments to account for the larger displacement). I was able to pick up a really good-shape VG33 for like $500. Still getting everything ready to go so I haven't started it, but so far I think it was worthwhile. Either way, 10% greater displacement is 10% greater displacement.

          I also think that Nissan shipped quite a few VG33's with stock forged pistons, which would be an upgrade over the stock cast ones in VG30's (unless you were planning to go aftermarket anyways). I can't remember exactly which ones, but it was at some point in the early 90's I think.

          The swap is pretty straightforward and you can avoid some of those clearance issues you were talking about by using the VG30 oil/water pump in the VG33. Lots of write-ups.


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            VG33s did not come with forged pistons. Headflow difference is negligible. Engine power difference isn't much to write home about. What does matter Is your choice of turbo. What are your power goals?
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