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Wheel and tire fitment fitment

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  • Wheel and tire fitment fitment

    I just purchased my first Z . Itís a 1988 5 speed turbo with 65k miles. Iím wanting to get some new wheels for it but with all the reading Iíve done Iíve learned that itís not just as easy as buying a set you like lol . Iíve always driven a truck with big tires so when it comes to putting wheels and tires on that thereís no question. But when it comes to this car Iíve seemed to run into some troubles . I would really like to get some 17Ē or 18Ē wheels . I really like the flush to the fender and not much gap between the top . The car I put a picture of is perfect. I messaged the owner about his set up but he never answered. If anyone could give a green horn a little advice I would appreciate it . Thank you in advance.
    The look Iíd like to achieve

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    Read this page:

    It's been posted at least once before and I stole it from that thread.

    The car in the picture has been lowered. I'd spend some time in the suspension section to see what your options are there. There are several, but they're all "custom".
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      Thanks !!