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  • Stock crap that can be removed

    Back in the day, on my first Z31, I used the guide on that is referenced in the only stickied post in this category to remove all the non essential vacuum lines, but his site hasn't been up in awhile. Does anyone still have this guide? I have been having some idle issues and bad vacuum leaks on my new 85 turbo that I just picked up, so I wanted to eliminate all the junk first. My first Z was an N/A, so I dont know if there were any differences. I am going to remove my cruise control and A/C tomorrow, and luckily enough, it looks like the previous owner already bought all the blockoff plates to do what I want. If anyone doesn't have that guide, maybe a quick picture showing what all is coming off the vacuum canister and what they go to? Thanks in advance.

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    Non- essential vac lines:
    ALL, OF THEM except for:
    - Brake booster (big one)
    - Add vac line going directly from plenum to FPR
    - vac line going from rear of plenum to vacuum canister /And to cruise control if you have that.
    - vac line going from vacuum canister to firewall.
    - vac line going to boost/vac meter on digi dash / turbo models.(behind MAF, tucked away)

    This assumes you ditch the charcoal canister. If you don't want your car to whiff of gas in the morning, I recommend keeping the canister and vac lines, which only leaves the few EGR and FPR solenoid controls that you can do without.

    For me, I only remove the FPR controls down by the MAF and leave all the vac lines stock unless I don't care about highway fuel mileage (EGR) and want to tune my car for boost.