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    Hi Guys,

    It has been a while since my last post, but I have made life difficult for myself and I have not spent any time on the Z in 2 years. I am hoping to get it back on the road by September. Anyway I have been reading Jason’s website the article regarding replacement injectors. He recommends Mazda RX7 injectors as they have a similar spray pattern to the Z31.

    I have searched through the previous posts on RX7 injectors and from my understanding any RX7 FC injectors can be used. I have an 89 ECCS that is having nistune installed which uses high impedance injectors. The RX7 injectors being sold here in the U.K. are described as having a multi hole disc nozzle design can anyone confirm if these injectors are suitable for my set up?
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    Are you going to use the stock top feed fuel rail like in the write up? There are injectors available that have the same barbed fitting design as the stock top feed ones. For example, search the Australian eBay for Holden RB30 injectors. There are probably others, just one I remembered. They come in various flow ratings and are a proper design for the stock fuel rail. If you want to use more common injectors, you could consider replacing the fuel rails too. Either Pallnet or 3000GT rails for example.

    You're in the UK, but do you have a US market car? Only 88-89 USDM cars had ECUs that ran high impedance injectors. If it's a UK car, it most likely has low impedance injectors.


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      Hi Kaur

      I purchased the 71c transmission from you. Hope you are well

      thanks for the reply I am not going to use std fuel I have already sorted a billet fuel rail with -an6 fittings to a third party fuel regulator and filter. This makes sense here in the U.K. as there are very few parts available most of my purchases are either in the U.S. or Japan and import taxes are becoming ridiculous. The reason I have high impedance ECCS I had an automatic U.K. ECCS, but purchase a U.S. Federal 5 speed on advice of Nistune installer. Thanks for advice on RB 30 injectors the 3000gt is another car that has few parts here RX 7 is very popular and loads of parts