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    I'll try not to flood this section too much! I'm wanting to keep my 85 z at stock height and I like the original wheels and would like to keep those if I could. But I would like to fill up the wheel well a little more than the stock wheel/combo does. What size tire do you recommend for doing this or do I need to just look at other wheel options to get a "fuller" look for the wheels/tires?

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    Ask away, that's what the section is for

    The stock wheels already have a mile of sidewall compared to modern tires.

    You could try hubcentric spacers to move them outward and give the appearance of a fuller wheelwell.
    Depending on your thickness of spacer, you may need longer wheelstuds or use hubcentric lug adapters, but these will have a minimum thickness.
    Using either comes with the risk of wobble or unplanned wheel detachment, that being said, many run either with no problems, including myself.

    Check out the old wheelshow website to get an idea of what others did (10 years ago?...omg) with wheel/tire/suspension combinations.

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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      Thanks for the reply! I'm just wondering if I don't need to just get new wheels to get the look I want. I don't want to get too radical. Would some 15 x 8s work? I'm just wanting to fill in the wheel wells a little but I don't have to go to the fenders.


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        Your look, your research 15X8's fitment will depend on offset and of course bolt pattern. Start with bolt pattern as a filter then look for the offset that will put them out slightly farther than the stock ones.

        There are cars with 15x8's in the link i have above, you'll have to educate yourself on wheel fitment basics. It's basically math, but not complex math.

        84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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          I have been looking at the site and educating myself on wheel sizes. I've done some of this before but with old
          ​muscle cars. Back in the day, you put 15 x 7s on the front and 15 x 8s on the back. Thanks again for the info!


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            You didn't mention if your Z is a NA or Turbo which would mean you have 4 lug or 5 lug wheels. I get the like for stock wheels but honestly at this point 15" gives you very poor tire options in todays market, your going to be trapped with HR rated all-season tires which are not the best for handling. I have a 84" NA with 4 lugs and went to 16x8 Enkei wheels and new Bridgestone tires 225/50 16. This fills up the wheel well much better, my car is lowered by 1/2 with Eibach springs and I like it.

            The stock 15" you really cannot do much with execpt to run 225/50 15 but that doesn't solve your wheel well exposure issue. I would shy away from spacers I have used them on other cars, if you do use hub-cetnric ones but I will not ever run them on a car again.