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Remove CHTS Sub-Harness Head?

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  • Remove CHTS Sub-Harness Head?

    I'm trying to change the CHTS. I should've done that I got my timing belt changed about 3,000 miles ago, but I didn't know enough about these cars yet to know that was a thing. I'm trying to do this without taking off the timing belt. I've got the upper timing belt cover off so I have access to the CHTS, but the metal clip that secures the sub-harness to the CHTS is aligned in the most worst way. The only side of the sub-harness head I have access to is the side without any part of the clip on it. I've tried pulling or twisting it off with pliers or a wrench, I've tried using a knife to get under the end of the clip that's visible, all with no progress.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this thing off, short of doing the full factory manual teardown?

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    Dental picks are awesome for these clips. You can get a set of cheap ones at harbor freight.

    Also hemostats in various lengths are super handy for locking onto things in awkward places.

    If you can get the tip of a pick beneath the end of the C-clip, you can pop it up enough to get a second pick beneath the clip and lever it past the latch, usually this breaks the latch but...
    edit: If you end up needing a new CHTS harness, word on the street is that PPP has them on sale right now.

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