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drivers side rocker arm cover

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  • drivers side rocker arm cover

    i can't seem to get my rocker arm cover off. It is wedged between the compressor harness and on the valve springs inside. has anyone ever had this problem? not sure how i can get it off. i already removed the compressor but the harness is still there.
    (1985 N/A)

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    If everything is out of the way, and all 9 screws are removed the valve cover lifts off. It sounds like you have something in the way. got a picture?
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      Its because of the compressor harness. Not sure if i need to remove the whole harness, which is also the harness for the alternator. Also I do have all 9 screws out.


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        "Harness" typically means wiring, if you are referring to the black metal compressor mounting bracket (harness),

        then yes, remove it. Should be a few M12 bolts and one long M8 bolt on the very top of it that bolts it diagonally to the drivers side cylinder head.

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          That bay is straight out of Spongebob, krusty krab.

          The alternator has its own mounting bracket, the one that is in the way only holds the AC compressor.. so yeah, pull that A/C stuff off and see how far you can throw it into the woods.
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            I got the bracket that was is the way off today, turns out you do have to remove the alternator from the bracket (two 12mm mounting bolts). The alternator shares the same bracket as the compressor. Not sure why they had to position it so close that you can't get the valve cover off. Thanks for helping me out