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Cx racing intercooler and radiator kit

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  • Cx racing intercooler and radiator kit

    I'm currently installing the radiator and I can't figure out how to mount it. If anyone has any experience with the cx racing kit it would help a bunch

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    Best of luck. They do not offer instructions on how do it nor are they willing to help you out if you try to contact them.

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      Any updates on how this worked out


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        The CX Racing kit looks like a garbage design, the IC is basically in the worst place possible. You just gotta accept that your intercooler install will be custom. Go front-mount and don't overthink the pipe sizes because unless you're going huge, in which case you shouldn't need this advice, you are going from a 2" turbo outlet to a 54 or maybe 60mm throttle body so there's no point trying to ram 3" IC piping in there. You can either holesaw through the wheel well which makes it a no-brainer, or go over the top of the rad if you have gone with an efan (Even with a big 3-row rad you just have to clip a little bit from the center nose bracket thing to make room for 2" pipe over the rad, and people with smaller rads can get 2.5" over there.)