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Im new and don't know what to do

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  • Im new and don't know what to do

    hello my name isTyson and I'm a newbie.
    im defiantly not a mechanic but I can't watch YouTube and figure things out lol. So please go easy on me as I'm new to z31's and turbos as well.
    I recantly trades a truck for an 86 300zx turbo. It's a fun little car, and defiantly changed my mind about imports. It does however need a little work. I drove it for about a week and it would puff a little blue smoke on start up... that was it. Never while driving. I did oil change and I put 10w-30 oil in. Now it smokes like chimney, start up acceleration, deceleration, and not just a little. I smoke out an intersection while sitting at a light. I then changed the oil and filter again to a different brand and I went to a 5w-20, also added some Lucas stabilizer as well. It helped a bit but still smoked a lot. I put a new pcv valve in, which helped for about 20 minutes then started smoking again, so I grabbed another pcv and tried again... no luck. I've taken the intake piping off to see if there oil in it. The only oil I found was right close to the valve cover input, which I thought would be normal?? I did a compression test and I'm not sure what I'm suppose to hit but I was between 140-150psi cold.
    I soon realized that pulling the turbo out is a huge pain in the a$$, and I don't really want to rebuild the motor just to have the same problem. Is there anything else I could do to help trouble shoot this? should I be looking at the turbo or the rings? Or valves? Any help would be nice, thanks.

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    I'd put some 20w50 or 15w40 (depending on your climate) in it and see how that goes. The stuff your using is pretty viscous and not really suitable for this engine. Doing a comp test tells you about your compression rings but not much about the oil rings. Those figures are pretty good for a turbo engine though so general health of the engine is ok. Check your plugs. If they are a nice browny color then engine isn't burning oil and it's most likely the turbo.
    Straya, +61


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      I would look at the turbo and see if it is leaking oil internally. Pull the charge pipe off and inspect for oil as well as the intake pipe. How long before you loose a quart of oil.

      The previous owner probably put no put no smoke in the oil it makes the smoke less visible when burnt but does not stop the consumption of oil.


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        How many miles on it?