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Help deciphering what year this vg30et came out of

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  • Help deciphering what year this vg30et came out of

    Hello all. I got my hands on a vg30et out of an old shop. From the guy who sold it to me, it was a gift from his cousin who passed away. He has no further knowledge behind the model and year of the engine. I've searched all day yesterday on how to decipher the serial number on the back of the block to no avail. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight for me.

    I plan on *attempting* to break it down and rebuild it. Any help on this matter would greatly help me. Thanks ahead of time.

    The number I pulled off the back (and it was quite difficult to see) is : VG30 068426a

    Again, thanks ahead of time.

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    Can you decipher what the casting number on the heads says?
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      Damn...I saw the numbers but i can't remember them off the top of my head (lul). Currently at work, can get back to you on that once I get home after another 3 hours or so.

      *edit* Yo are you fayetteville, ga??

      *edit2* if i remember correctly, the serial number i pulled off of the engine was behind the passenger side head. I believe this was the correct number for identification was it not? I do remember seeing other imprinted numbers along the side of the head / block but the one i was told to find was previous said number.
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        Doesn't the A in the end denote A series? That would be 84-86.


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          That's what I was thinkin', i'm just trying to reassure myself before i buy a bunch of books. All I see is constant talk of the W-Series (which implied, due to the w-series being 87-89, that a series would be 84-85).

          But then that leaves, Is the B-Series like...the 86 turbo?


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            Prototype from 1984 had an oil and air cooled turbo, so if it doesn't have any water cooling lines going from the turbo to the throttle body it's an 84 turbo. Early models were either a Type A or Type B series engine which used pressed fit wrist pins. 1984 through early 1987 also used a T3 Turbocharger. Late model engines were from 5/87 to 89 and used the W series engine. It had redesigned water galleries for additional cooling, and fully floating piston wrist pins. There were also small changes for some of the timing belt components which might help identify the engine. 5/87-89 also used a smaller T25 Turbocharger. Early engines also had top feed injectors. Later models had dual/side feed injectors. Hope this helps.