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    I'm new to the z world here. I'm looking at buying an 86 300 and I've been looking at parts for it a bit and I've noticed that there are a lot of parts that are 84-85 then 87-89. Why is there not any for the 86 with somethings?

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    I would assume you mean body kit parts, because other than cosmetics they are the same mechanics as all other z31's, Different year models all have their mix and match of ecu's and o2 sensors, but other than that the differences are cosmetic. The 86 has a brakelight in the wing, 84-85 nose with 87-89 front fenders (same as 84AE) and 84-85 tail lights with 87-89 flared rear fenders. 86 side skirts are also unique to the 86. Imho, an 86 with an 87-88 front nose is the perfect match of all styles.

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo