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85 Turbo dies when give it gas

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  • 85 Turbo dies when give it gas

    Hey y’all so I have my 85 NA2T soooo close to being drive able. I’ve done so much research but I’m to the point where I’ve read all the relevant threads multiple times so hopefully y’all can help. Was having fuel issues I sorted that out and now it will idle with the new Walbro 255 and new fuel filter under stock fuel management, but as soon as I hit the accelerator it starts to die and the more I give it gas the more it dies until it eventually dies out. I’ve read that the o2 sensor isn’t entirely necessary for the Z31’s so I haven’t rushed getting my downpipe made but the o2 is hooked up just there no exhaust so it’s not mounted, maybe that’s an issue? TI routed the pipes to the turbo and have the MAF all hooked up. Idk if it is worth mention but the PCV breather hose and such aren’t connected as I don’t have the nipples on my intake pipes yet. I’m sure there’s useful information I’m forgetting to note but I appreciate any help y’all can offer.

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    Not sure if my experience is useful in your trouble-shooting, but I was having issues that sound similar on my NA. I could start the car and it would idle, but if I gave it a slight increase in accelerator pedal (which is technically giving it air first, not gas) the engine would start surging. If I gave it accelerator quickly, it would just die. I finally tracked this issue down to a poor connection between my MAF and the harness. I cleaned the connections thoroughly and made sure the plug was fully seated. Haven't had the problem since. Good luck!
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