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LED Switch pod bulbs

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  • LED Switch pod bulbs

    After i removed the switch pods i removed the 3 (each)screws holding them together and removed the covers to expose the bulbs and slid them off the tabs.

    I got standard 5mm leds from superbrightleds
    2x diffused for the back light and 60 degree for the other 4 indicator lights.
    I used 560 ohm 1/2 watt resistors for each led to protect from over powering the diode

    I then soldered the resistors to the cathode side(negative) of the led for least amount of exposed power wire and then slipped some clear flame proof heat shrink tubing over both terminals of the led.
    i soldered the contacts to the already soldered wires of the pods, matching + and -.
    NOTE:the leds press in tightly even without solder they would stay in. The hole for stock bulbs in 5mm and tapers to 4.

    Running lights

    rear defogger and driving lights are on, blue led shines nicely through the filters.

    The whole project took me about 2 hours but i spent about an hour shining them up.
    Here are before and after pics. I used mothers aluminum polish to shine them up.

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    looks good wish my dash was all converted to leds ha stick of the green...would like to do red or something.
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      Damn, that looks sweet. I've been thinking of doing something like this but really don't know where to begin lol.


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        if you need any help dont hesitate to ask questions. its really easy after you get the pods out.


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          I'm doing this to my pods, i just have trouble seeing exactly where what goes to what lol. I know this is almost 3 years old but i really want to do tis to my car and if there was any extra info you could give or pics that'd be great.
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            I hate to dig up old posts but uhmmmmm I cant see the pictures and I really want to do this!


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              Trying PM'ing Sharpen047, still active.

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            There's a write-up on removing the and replacing the bulbs on XenonZcar:
            Just need to figure out the LED part.


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              sorry for the delay guys, i dont have these pictures anymore either but will do one soon. send me a pm and ill walk someone through it and ill repost pictures. i have another swap to do anyway.
              will repost in the next few weeks. thats the plan anyway.
              havent had my z on the road in over 2 years due to california things and its finally sorted out.


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                Looking forward to seeing the pics. Good to hear you're getting your Z back on the road.

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              getting switch pods from friends car asap.