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    Well just recently I replaced the front speakers in the Z & to my utter disappointment the trim & the cutout of the bodywork doesnt line up so I cant get what I wanted it to look like, was just wondering if there is a way around this & if so then what has everyone else done?


    1985' 2+2 Z31 Non Turbo...
    1986' 2+2 Z31 Turbo...

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    I Don't really understand what you are saying.

    Does the trim not fit over it anymore?

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      ^2nd. Please be more descriptive of what your problem is here.
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        Ok i thought it was pretty straight forward but alright... :P

        I originally wanted my speakers to stick out of the doors, as the standard ones are hidden behind that plywood & carpet plate thing. I screwed the speaker into the same spot because anywhere else it wont fit & when I went to put the trim of the door back on the speaker was higher then the actual cut out. The hole of the trim doesnt line up with the speaker mount, so I cant get what I want.

        Hopefully that clears it up a bit better, if not I'll take a picture of what I mean... when I can be bothered to take all the shit off again. :P

        Thanks for your help...

        1985' 2+2 Z31 Non Turbo...
        1986' 2+2 Z31 Turbo...


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          like this.

          you need to use 6.5" speakers to cover the hole. these are pioneer 3-way 6.5"s.


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            Yeh I have the speakers & thats exactly how I want mine to look, but the speaker part in the trim doesnt line up with where I put the speaker into... so it just looks stupid lol.

            1985' 2+2 Z31 Non Turbo...
            1986' 2+2 Z31 Turbo...


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              i had to do a bunch of cutting to the mesh behind the speaker.

              then i used the screws and retainers to keep them where i wanted them.

              you could also cut out a piece of tin to fit behind that speaker panel. and screw into that.


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                that looks ridiculous.. why would you want to do that when you can just buy speakers that install in the stock location?


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                  I have an 88 and I have 6.5's in the doors behind the stock speaker cover and trust me ........ they sound great. You won't be able to tell any difference in the sound and the overall look is cleaner. They will fit behind the door panel if that is a concern.
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                    i don't think he cares if they fit behind the door.

                    i didn't.


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                      I put my speakers into the stock location, just had to drill some new holes because they are held in by 4 screws & not the original 3 screws...

                      1985' 2+2 Z31 Non Turbo...
                      1986' 2+2 Z31 Turbo...