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  • tail light lenses

    Okay a lot of you prolly know this already but for anybody who doesn't...if your tail lights are scratched or scuffed up and you want to make them look good you can do it with polishing compound. Matter of fact if you use different cuts you can make them look new if there's no really deep scratches or cracks. Works great for the black plastic surrounding trim too if you finish up with Blue Magic. Thassit, nothing megatech here 8)

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    I did that on my old car and it worked pretty well. They dang sure looked better after.
    Just stand back and throw money.
    Performance costs money.
    Reliable performance costs more.


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      McGuires makes a good polish too:

      I have a very old tan bottle of this stuff.
      Used it on my helmet visor and vinyl jeep windows.
      Works great.

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