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primered my z

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  • primered my z

    fun with rustoleum

    Im diggin the gray look with the black trim. I think I might try the roller method and paint this thing myself.

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    Good! now just get that good and bumber cover to line up a little better and you are in business. I noticed Mark has this same problem on his car. You can see it in all of his super nice pictures.
    85 Z31 6.0 LSX turbo 766whp/792wtq
    04 GTO, LS6, big cam, porting, N20... underway for summertime daily driver.


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      The damn support bracket is bent under it. I need to see if I can bend it up some more.


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        you cant just twist up the adjustable rubber stops?

        maybe people don't know, but they are "threaded" and can be adjusted.

        right before a road trip one time one of my roomies must of been fiddling with one of mine while we were drinking and doing oil etc. I get on the road and my hood started fluttering like crazy. I figure he was just standing there twisting the stopper and didnt realise he was moving it