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Ok .. AutoBra anyone?

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  • Ok .. AutoBra anyone?

    Maybe a few of the "old timers" would know about this item ..

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    Originally posted by maronee
    PS - by the way your Z31's famous here in japan, dude!!

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    Oooooh, shnozz prophelactic! Don't recall ever seeing a product like that, interesting.


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      Sorry man, I was 17 in 88 and I wasnt paying much attention to newer car stuff at that time. I was working on 50/60s vintage and my friends broken cars at the time.

      Have you ever seen one in person? I would be curious about the real life impressions.

      My 84 had a Nissan bra on it when I bought it. That lasted about a week and it got stuffed in a box and eventually went to the burn pile a couple years ago.
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        Hahaha, I remember that company. They were located here in town.
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          I remember see a car with one of those on it. It looked like ass.

          Guess that is why you don't see them anymore.


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            1) Yes I did see the product "in person". At the time when the vinyl bras were selling at $20-$40 .. spending $200 seemed a bit extravagant.

            2) The concept was good .. the application wasn't bad (it did take getting used to). One of the member of our local club - purchased two (2) of them. [I'll explain why later in this post]. This member (couple) .. at that time, I'll say had $.

            They owned Porche;s, Ferrari's, MB's, BMW's .. infact used those as DD's or for their "other interestes". The club joke was that when the "tires" of their Z got dirty .. they'd buy a new Z.

            OH and it did "work" in the sense that .. no rock chip damage to the front end .. and they were able to leave it on in inclimate weather.

            3) And I do recall seeing it (autobra) on a 944 .. it didn't look TOO BAD on it either. As for WHY you don't see 'em anymore? Rob-84AE, you might be 100% right .. they didn't really catch on .. could be "appearance" .. or "cost" .. or combination of both.

            I can tell you, they were HEAVY .. a lot heavier than the "vinyl bras"

            [side post: The autobra did use the license plate mounting surface/bolt holes as the primary means of securing the autobra on the car. However, as you probably surmise, due to it massive size (one piece design) having it only attached at that point wouldn't be stable (road vibration effects). So the autobra also had "bumps" that would keep the "autobra" offset from the car body. Well .. those "bumps" (for the early products) weren't the "soft rubber/plastic/vinyl type" that is available today (you can see the new types on the hood deflectors on trucks/suvs) .. so where they rubbed the body .. the paint got "affected".

            Well the couple that purchased the autobra weren't too pleased with that .. so they complained, took photos (oh it helped that one of members also worked in the insurance industry) and putting it simply. They got autobra to pay for damages (including re-painting the damaged area) .. and they sent them a "new-improved" autobra .. FREE OF CHARGE (and were told to keep the one they already had).

            LOL .. I was offered my choice (old one or new one) .. I saw it as a hassle to install .. and declined. I wasn't going to ever use it. In retro spec, I should have taken their offer. It would be a nice collector item ..

            The only reason I posted the pic, is because I was going through OLD club newsletters and found the advertisement.

            End of sidepost]
            '84Z31 GLL turbo|theZenthusiast site: |

            Originally posted by maronee
            PS - by the way your Z31's famous here in japan, dude!!


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              hahahaha... "space-age material"

              Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                Can you imagine one of those flying off on the freeway :shock: :shock:

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                  Real head slicer

                  Terrible idea putting those wheels on...