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  • no running lights

    i have blinkers, hazards, hi and low beam, and brake lights. no running lights at all. no license plate lights either. all fuses are good. i have looked for bad wires/connections and blown fuses. i bypassed the tail light module already.

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    Double check the 15A fuse. Should be the 5th one down on the left side of the box.

    If your not that lucky, my next guess is the light switch is bad.
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      i must have checked each fuse at least 5 times and swapped relays as well. that is the way its looking...


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        Check your "Clearance Illumination Fuse"

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          i have checked every single fuse. they are all good.

          before the problem:
          all the lights worked, but my gauges didnt
          the orig dash was trashed and the digi gauges didnt work. i checked fuses, looked for bad wires, changed power supply. still didnt work. so i swapped a 86 dash, 86 cluster, and 86 dash harness into the 84. gauges then worked, but my headlights would illuminate and keep going up and down and i had no exterior lights other than brake lights. i swapped the 84 dash harness back into it with the 86 cluster, now gauges work, hazards, signals, headlights, and brake lights work, but no running lights and the headlights wont go up or down.


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            Headlight switch turns on the headlights, pops them up, high beams, clearance lights, tail lights, license plate light, and dash lights. If some or all of these don't work properly, and all the fuses are good, I would go after the headlight switch. Either clean it or replace it. This is a very common problem in the Z31. Mine went bad in 1992. Most Z31s have had to replace them already.
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              i have tried 2 different switches. both do the same thing.

              checked the bulbs, they are all burned out. i replaced them and still got nothing. i think wiring somewhere is bad


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                problem solved! it took the right combo of parts to make everything work.

                86 digi dash harness is not compatible with 84 least without a re pin.

                86 digi gauges operate as they should in a 84.


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                  Which pins? I'm in the exact same boat 84 with 86 dash and my lamp fuse keeps blowing with high beams. When I say which pins, was it as simple as matching up colors, or did you have to read through the fsm?
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                    Dude this thread is 5 years old. From what I remember you have to swap the harness over to match the dash.
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                      I re-pinned the 86 dash harness
                      It took a week and a half but it was worth it.
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