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Bitching betty is being a bitch.

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  • Bitching betty is being a bitch.

    OK, so I am helping my brother tune up his new 85NA. Basically getting eveything working and cleaning up the engine. But one big thing that really attracted him to the z31 was betty. The battery was dead when I looked at the car before i bought it, so i figured that is why it wasn't working. But when we put a new one in it, it still didn't bitch. So we replaced all the fuses that were bad and still no Betty. Now we are going to try and crack the thing open, but i have no clue where it is. Maybe under the dash somewhere? Maybe the aftermarket stereo system has something to do with it? I basically need to know everything anybody can offer.

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    On the 280ZXs, it's a little record player on the strut tower. She talks through the middle dash speaker on the dash, from what I hear.

    I think the aftermarket stereo is probably the issue. I have heard of people losing her after changing their stereos.
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      if the stock speakers were re-wired, then betty isn't coming back.

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        Short answer: behind the ECU.