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Vented Kouki Hood

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  • Vented Kouki Hood

    Just going to leave this here...

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    That's pretty good, subtle yet effective, I like it very much.


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      Thought I'd check what kinds of hood vents are available as drop in parts, just out of curiosity. I open just one listing on eBay to look at it more closely and what an unlikely demo car I see


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        Says he modestly, I'm a bit of an aero/vent student, the ones that the OP has designed will flow a lot of air when many vents don't due to their design. Those Ebay ones are not bad but the OP's are better. For the race car project a fibreglass bonnet will be made incorporating one of those single wide EVO style vents just behind the radiator for a naturally aspirated engine, the OP's would be better for a car with a stock located turbo or two though


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          Of course, Joseph's vents will flow great. They will draw air in nicely. Most hood vents are decorative, though, so no one cares how well they actually work. The eBay one I only posted because of the Z31 there.


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            Some how or other I missed the Z31 modelling those vents kaur, nice.