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Climate Control Face Plate Restoration

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  • Climate Control Face Plate Restoration

    The thin plastic film that covers the climate control and radio face plate and gave it that shiny appearance was peeling off on my 84 and 85. It looked real messy, so I removed it hoping to clean it up a bit. However, it ended up looking like this. Is there any way to clean it up better other than buying a used climate control face plate? Hard to tell if that's residue left behind or it damaged the face plate cover.


    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***

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    Looks like sticker residue. Mine looks like the shiny parts. Try removing the bezel and see if the residue will come off the edge the bezel covers. If it's just sticker residue, it should come off, just be real gentle or you'll take the shiny off.


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      Alright I'll give it a shot. Hoping Goo Gone will work as it's worked for everything else. The residue is stuck on there pretty good, that's why it was hard to tell if it was residue or the shiny part was damaged after peeling away the plastic film.