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Wheel Generation Swap z31: zenki <-> kouki

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  • Wheel Generation Swap z31: zenki <-> kouki

    Nissan got the wheel generations wrong: Change My Mind!
    1984 GLL 300ZX NA to VG30ET Engine Swap Big Turbo
    1987 Auto Rare Kouki Slicktop Velvet-Cake (NA2T in progress: parts sourced)

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    I went into this thread thinking you were crazy, but now I'm thinking you might have a point
    85 NA2T 9:1 Compression, CM 3" exhaust, Complete Interior Restoration
    94 Maxima
    ...VG30 FTW!!


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      I can't say anything.... I put '04 Z rims on my '88. Factory Z31 rims are so..... '80's
      Legal stuff:
      **Nissan Employee**
      Any information shared is simply my own opinion and NOT the opinion of Nissan

      not legal stuff:
      '88 300ZX 2+2-- Under the knife
      '86 3000ZX 2+2-- the knife victim
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        I sort of felt sad the day I took my old stock 15" rims off. I had them re-powder coated years ago and kept them in great shape. If I had 5 hole rims I would have tried to find a set of 16" Anniversary Edition ones to put on, but the most frustrating part of getting the Non-Turbo was the stupid 4 hole rims. Like how much did they save on those 4 extra lugs? Anyhow, I wasn't a big fan of the rims they moved to in 86'..I have Enkie's 16" that look good, forgot what the old ones look like now.


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          And the reason I finally moved on was simple, only HR rated non-performance tires available in 15" size 3 years ago when I needed new tires.