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    my drivers side seat belt isn't retracting like its supposed to anymore.

    i took it out the other day, but i'm not sure if i should mess with it. it looks pretty clean. there isn't any build-up of crap on it. so i'm thinking the springs that roll it back up are dead. which wouldn't suprise me after 22 years of being used.

    junkyards generally won't sell used seat belts anymore. any suggestions on what i should do.

    i was thinking about getting a rear strut bar and connecting a 4 point harness in the car. it would be a pain in the arse to get in and out all the time. and look a little ricer in my opinion.

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    What color seat belt? There are a ton of z's in the junkyards around here, and they let me buy the seat belts...
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      i have a grey interior.


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        i'm going to autocross the car, so it would be nice to have something that holds me in place.


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          Bring it back to any Nissan dealer. I believe the seatbelts have an unlimited warrantee on them. Fine out and they may fix them for nothing.
          Restore it, Don't crush it. They don't make them like this anymore.

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            i called the stealership.

            he was going to call nissan and find out if the seat belt is under warrenty. he's not sure becuase i'm not the original owner of the car. i'm about the 4th. :roll:

            at the most the seat belt system is $75
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              If you can wait for a bit, I'll give you the ones out of my Z for free..
              It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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                i can wait. as long as i don't get killed.

                i'd really appreciate those belts. thanks.

                heres my email-