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Very mixed up with cluster swaps and HVAC swap, help!!!

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  • Very mixed up with cluster swaps and HVAC swap, help!!!

    OK, here is the story. Car is a 84T with digital dash originally.

    I have a 87N/A analog cluster and dash harness. I plugged it in and the lights on the analog cluster come on. Next thing is i got a 86N/A analog HVAC control and the harness from it to the inside of the dash. The harness on the 84T body plugs into the 86N/A HVAC control but is much much different having many other plugs and does not power the thing up. I cant swap the 86N/A HVAC harness because all the plugs are different. question is:

    Should i get another 84T HVAC unit to plug into the stock wiring harness to control the heater and A/C? If it was digital originally, do i HAVE to get a 84T digital HVAC unit or can i get an analog unit? are all the plugs the same between the digital and analog HVAC on the 84T?

    Also i plug in the analog cluster and dash harness and controls next to steering wheel.....all the controls next to steering wheel like hazards and stuff do not work????

    Another interesting thing to note is the 87N/A wiper/headlight switches plug right into the 84T harness and work identically as the 84T so i dont need them like i thought, i can bring them back to the junkyard....

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    heater swap

    I have a 86t all dig, I have a 87t for parts, analog speeo tach, manual heater conrol. Im going to swap soon, I know I need to swap the heater box assy and harness I will keep you posted.


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      I just went through this with: 87NA analog dash with harness swapping into an 85NA digi car.

      Then end of my trouble, investigation, wire comparisons and general frustration is that it WILL NOT WORK. :evil: If someone out there can tell me how to make it work....I'm all ears.

      Now, from what I can tell there is no way in hell I could make that work without either
      1- swapping out the main and potential all harnesses or
      2- hacking the wiring and rewiring everything and hope for the best.

      I did neither. I pulled the digi crap from the 85 dash and swapped it into the black 87 dash. I'm not too happy about still having a digi dash but at least its not red. :shock:

      btw- the 87NA analog dash worked perfectly in my 84NA analog. My guess is that year has a lot to do with swapping in an analog dash into a stock digi Z31.

      roastin- I know that isn't what you wanted to hear but....

      If you figure out a way to make your situation work I would love to know. :wink:
      Just stand back and throw money.
      Performance costs money.
      Reliable performance costs more.


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        btw- I had the same symptoms you are describing.

        The steering wheel is a pain in the ass. PM me.

        Climate control...major pain. If you can live with the digi stock stuff its a lot easier. If not then I think I figured out what would have to be done, but you will need an unmolested parts car to get everything you need. (I have one and decied to live with the digi until it dies but will pull all the parts from the 84 just in case I have to do it later. :shock: )
        Just stand back and throw money.
        Performance costs money.
        Reliable performance costs more.


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          no spedo

          I just swaped 86t from digitil to anolog. I have a 87t for parts, swaped complete heaterbox assy ect, It all works great, I just dont have a working speedo, I think im just going to install 84-85 analog speedo, I was told they have a cable from speedo to thanks?


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            I will also probably get a 84-86 analog cluster as i hear that all goes in good, but i hate the gauge colors, so i will have to make some overlays for it.


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              I already have a white face/indigo lights e-bay 49.95 I will also hope to install soon.


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                speedo swap

                Your right if you want to swap digitil to anolog, just use the same year doner, up to 86 speedo cable used. I dont recommend swapping anything with out a speedo cable in to 84-86. And I love my new manual heater controls, All I need is to install a 84-86 speedo cluster then my speedo will work.


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                  old thread, but will 84t analog gauges swap into a 86na w analog gauges and be simple plug and play?


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                    Same year stuff to same year.

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                      Originally posted by reddzx
                      Same year stuff to same year.
                      thats normally how i like to do things, but i dont have analogs from an 86, only from 87 and 84.