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  • Speed Sensor!

    ok guys, during the NA 2 T swap i also dropped in a AKA indestructible!
    my problem is that speedsensor that plugs into the transmission,broke in half when i tried to install it!

    my local nissan dealer sells it for 450$, or my cost is 360$, wich is insanely ridiculous!
    so basically im shoutin out to all of you, someone must have one of these baby's for sale, or must know where to get one for cheaper!

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    I sell them for ~$50 when I have them, but I dont have any right now.


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      I don't want to take money from a members pocket, but if no one has one for sale then I would suggest:

      Roger is a great guy and I have never bought a part from him that wasnt top notch for a used item. I would recommend him any day of the week.
      Just stand back and throw money.
      Performance costs money.
      Reliable performance costs more.


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        thanks for the help, i will give it a try!

        also i would like to add the speed sensor is for an analog dash and not digital! i guess there are 2 speed sensors!