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Worn out axle/half-shaft? I need a description please!

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  • Worn out axle/half-shaft? I need a description please!

    Well it first started one day when I was changing the tranny fluid and putting my car up on jack stands(about 4 months ago). I lifted the rear end up first by the differential and the tires were just about to get off the ground and I hear a PING! sound...."eh must be the springs doing that". So I get done with the tranny fluid and take her out for a test drive and I have a gravel driveway so its a little bumpy. Well I am going down the driveway and the damn car is clunking a lot from the driver-side rear. I get out on the road and it will clunk everytime I change gears. When i get into fifth gear their is this vibration above 2200rpms and it gets worse the faster I go!

    The noise occurs:

    1. Over bumps.
    2. Above 2200rpms in fifth.
    3. Between 1/4 throttle and half throttle (when i hit boost the noise stops and everything is smooth). When i am coasting the noise/vibration is not there).

    What I have checked:

    1. Driveshaft is good.
    2. Wheel bearings are good.
    3. Solid x-member mounts are good.
    4. Shocks and springs are good.

    I finally got pissed and launched it in 1st all the way up to fourth and the noise disappeared!(about a month ago)

    Then I jack up my car again at the same spot (differential) yesterday because I am bringing my wheels to walmart to check some new tires mounted and PING! the noise happens again when I am jacking the car up! Shit! The damn vibration is back again!

    So I check everything and the only thing I noticed is that the drivers-side halfshaft makes a little bit of a noise when I shake it. There is barely any play at all....I mean like a milimeter. Would that cause the vibration?

    Ultimately I am rambling but I just want to know if you guys have had a bad half-shaft and could you describe what it sounded like? Felt like? When it started vibrating (speed, gear)?
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    Diff mount?
    It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...