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Z32 30a 98+ Spec Transmission Info

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  • Z32 30a 98+ Spec Transmission Info

    This thread will contain some info on the z32 30a 98+ spec transmission.
    There has been questions commonly asked and this thread will help answer them.

    For starters, ALL z32 r30a's have the same transmission - same internals.
    TT and N/A's have different bell housing thicknessess
    and all 96's have another sensor port for its OBD2 stuff.

    Here is a break down and part numbers for understanding...

    90-95 z32 tt = 250mm bell housing
    90-95 z32 n/a = 240mm bell housing
    96 z32 tt = 250mm bell housing with OBD2 sensor port
    96 z32 n/a = 240mm bell housing with OBD2 sensor port

    Here are the 98+ spec part numbers for each...

    90-95 tt = 32010-45P61
    90-95 n/a = 32010-45P71
    96 tt = 32010-45P21
    96 n/a = 32010-45P11

    So you could buy any of those part numbers above and have a 98+ spec

    Depending on the clutch/flywheel setup you want to run will determine the bell housing you need.

    To use the z32 bell housing, you must use a custom z32/z31 hybrid flywheel (like I did) or use a 91 Maxima flywheel.

    Also note, that the 350z clutch/pressure plate setup is fitted for a 240mm flywheel but is infact a 250mm clutch setup. See more info by searching this fact.
    So you could technically get any z32 r30a, and still run a 250mm clutch setup. There are plenty of option combinations.

    More info will be added once I acquire them.

    Please keep this thread oriented to the 98+ spec transmission only.
    Please do not clutter this thread with general transmission swap questions as there are 2 other sticky'ed threads for this.

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    Here are pics of a complete tear down of the 98 spec (being brand new)
    Note - I did not take these pics. These images were pulled from and

    These next four pics show what's so special about 98+ transmissions vs what the cars originally came with. Notice the cut angles on the brass synchro rings and on the gear synchro lugs? The 98+ 2nd and 3rd gear has a much heavier angle cut biased to one side on the brass rings and opposite on the gears' synchro lugs.

    1st 4th and 5th all have synchro angles that are evenly split and not biased to one side or the other. This is how the synchros are on all gears of the early model transmissions that the cars originally shipped with.


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      Notice the amount of burs from the casting... much more than the original.


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        Unfortunately, I think the term "double synchros" is misunderstood. All FS5R30A transmissions (98+ Z32 replacements and OE Z32 90-96) feature multiple element synchronizers on 2nd and 3rd gears while 1st, 4th and 5th have traditional single element synchronizers.

        The primary difference between the 98+ replacement FS5R30A and the OE Z32 FS5R30A is the geometry of 2nd and 3rd gear's synchronizer strut nose angles and accompanying synchronizer assemblies.

        In my opinion, better synchros used in other FS5R30A applications do not exist. In order to take advantage of the 98+ type synchros, many more parts than just the synchros need to be be changed to complete the conversion... it would be much easier and cheaper to just buy a 98+ replacement rather than rebuild an old OE trans to a 98+ spec.

        Here are a bunch of pictures that compare the 98+ gear assemblies to the OE assemblies:


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