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Zstore stainless steel clutch hose issues

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  • Zstore stainless steel clutch hose issues

    I recently bought a stainless steel clutch hose from the Zstore for my z31. I tried to install it into my slave cylinder and noticed that it bottomed out before it could thread down and clamp onto the copper sealing washer. It is very obvious that the threaded section on the new line is longer then the OEM line and is bottoming out in the slave cylinder, both ends of the new line are the same so it's not an issue of being backwards. I emailed the Zstore but haven't heard back. I wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with this or if anyone know how it is suppose to seal.

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    I have not but good info. Push comes to shove if you don't get much response ping Joseph at Z Store. They will do what they can to resolve usually.

    I sent him a PM on classic to this post here.
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      Top hose is for a flare fitting, bottom is for a crush washer.
      Top one seals on a internal flare, bottom one does not.

      The end of the top hose is indented to seal against a flare (cone), if
      your slave cylinder has this cone at the bottom of the threads, it will seal fine, just snug it down.

      If it doesn't, you could always Dremel the top one shorter and use a new crush washer.
      The washer does the sealing, so long as it doesn't bottom out before crushing the washer.

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        Heard back from the guys at the Zstore. They said the extra length is so that it can seal down inside the slave cylinder rather then using the crush washer. Worst case I can cut it short and go back to using the washer.
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          You should be good if the slave cylinder has the inverted flare at the base of the threads so it seals properly.

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