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84-86 z31 turbo SB clutch in 92 pathfinder

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  • 84-86 z31 turbo SB clutch in 92 pathfinder

    My plan, so far if this post turnes up something I haven't realize yet, is to get a flywheel for a 84-86 300zx and a SB stage 3 endurance clutch.

    Since mine is the same as the 87-89 flywheel and there isnt a clutch rated for what I want I figured it would work, not really interested in a different brand because from what I have read many of them have a nasty pedal and aren't intended for ralley/endurance.

    I'm pretty sure the 30a and the 71c (and I dont think there is a differance between the z31 30a and the pathfinder/hardbody/fronteir/xtera the z32 is different due to the flywheel starter teeth being different but all being a 250mm) have the same bolt patterns bell to engine and I'm pretty sure the input shaft is the same of the two transmissions. Considering all that I'm pretty sure the flywheel is the same between z31 30a and my pathfinder.

    unless someone knowns if I can just install a z32 SB stage 3 onto my flywheel and call it a day.

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    The spline count on the Friction disk should be the same but I think pressure plate bolt pattern will be different even. A safest bet I think would be to match the clutch kit to the flywheel and verify the outside diameter matches your pathfinder diameter for proper starter teeth engagement.

    You can also have a machine shop redrill flywheel and balance it.
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      Also, Z31 flywheel/crank bolt pattern (6bolt) is different than Z32 (8bolt)

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        Clutch Speciality (call em up) can make you up a clutch to fit your needs at better price than SB. I had them make a clutch kit for my turbo 2+2 with 87-89 flywheel /30a. Feels like stock with absolutely no slippage. And I'm running at higher than stock HP
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