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G-E, have you found out how much camber correction with

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  • G-E, have you found out how much camber correction with

    with your poly diff mount installed :?:
    The last time I remember you were testing your 2 prototypes......
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    well I sold the first pre-production unit but I hear it won't be installed for a while....

    my personal prototype is on my car butI will be replacing the sleeves with larger ones and redrilling the poly to accept them

    my rear suspension doesn't have much camber, I have koni springs with the mercedes perches they came with, I installed mine at stock diff height give or take a mm

    and as I mentioned before the calculation is very complex and I won't bother, there are several planes of motion involved and it depends on bushings and current spring/perch heights .... so even with a handy algorithm each car would have to be measured thoroughly before you got a result

    the diff itself can only move up 3/4" or so going by feel before you hit the body, and you wouldn't want to go too extreme anyway since it will screw up your u-joints

    a safe guess is around half a degree