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Need to pick Z31-P's combined brain on this prob...

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  • Need to pick Z31-P's combined brain on this prob...

    I'll start from a couple weeks ago...
    I had the stock adjustable suspension in my 87' Turbo and my passenger side rear shock blew. Well I had a set of KYB's sitting around from my old Z so I threw them in. Car rides great!

    Skip ahead to today...
    I'm on my way to work and everything is fine. Car rides and drives as it always has. I begin to pull away from a light and I knowtise the car pull to the left (driver's side) when I give it like 1/2 throttle. When I let off the gas the car tracks straight again? WTF?
    So I get to work and look under the car. Nothing leaking, broken, loose, or out of the ordinary. I wiggle the axles and try kicking the wheels in a couple spots to see if the wheel bearings or something are loose. Notta...
    So Now i'm really confused!?!!

    Since I've bought the car there has always been a quiet whine from the passenger side rear as well as from the diff. I've always had a "click" from the passenger rear when I first get moving from a stop. I also a few months ago installed a set of solid crossmember bushings and solid diff mount. Since everything is solid I figure it has to be a CV joint or something. The caliper isn't sticking I know for sure.

    So long story short... (summary time)
    When giving the car gas she feels like she wants to dog walk to the left. Nothing obvious is loose, leaking or broken. Car rides and drives normal with the exception of the pulling issue.

    I'd go look right now if it weren't down pouring. So Any ideas to give me an idea of where to start would be of a great help.

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    your ff beast is getting tq steer!
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      RobP3ZXT wrote: your ff beast is getting tq steer!
      LOL. She's acting like she's a FWD but she's not...


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        How do the front wheels feel? Is there any difference in the way the steering feels?
        It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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          Check your wheel alignment using jackstands and string on a very level surface, to me that sounds like a toe issue or something on the level of play in a balljoint.


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            How is it under braking? Check your tire pressures?
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              The car just feels like it's being pushed to the left when I accelerate. As soon as I let go she rolls perfectly straight. Under just cruising with light throttle it doesn't pull either.

              Rear tires are both at 33psi and fronts at 35psi. Same as when I filled them the otherday.

              The car brakes straight as well. And steers the same as always. Accept when accelerating since she feels like dog walking.


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                stupid idea/thought...possibly.

                Open diff, under acceleration, one tire is driven harder than the other and would be concidered a type of torque steer due to the situation.
                *you have firmmed everything up really, really well back there and now it comes down to the nit picky things standing right out in your face. With the typical slop in the rear x-member/diff mount(with oem mounts) is possible that the open diff would apply more equal power to each wheel?!(this whole idea can be trashed because I just caught wind that you have an LSD)
                **I would concider the exact circumstances that are present in the condition...
                ~Rear end squat under acceleration...slight camber change due to the squatting, combine this with a rear toe that is off a little and the issue becomes magnified. Get that rear alignment looked at and be sure to get the before/after print out of the specs. It might be wise to load the rear of the car to reflect the squat the car experiences so when it is aligned, the car is dead on for the circumstances. This may however effect the feel of the car when cruising(the exact opposite problem you have now, but I doubt it would be even remotely as obvious as the problem you have now)
                I am here to help...


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                  The Z has an LSD and I said earlier I'm running a set of solid crossmemeber bushings and solid diff mount. Everything is nice and solid.


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                    Could be your cv shaft as you said. If it is it would be on the drivers side, if there is something wrong you are checking on that side right?

                    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                      MrwassmanNA2T wrote: Could be your cv shaft as you said. If it is it would be on the drivers side, if there is something wrong you are checking on that side right?
                      I'm assuming it's a CV that might have just finally quit. And it should be the drivers side CV since it's pulling that way but the passenger side is the one with all the troubles and noises. Id just doesn't make sence, lol.

                      As you guys read this I'll be out tinkering under the car to figure this annoying mystery out... I've got a couple hours before I have to go back to work.


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                        Welp. My poking about didn't find anything obviously wrong. Yesterday my new tires came in so I had them mounted. With the tires off I knowtised something that wasn't there last time I checked...
                        Brake fluid on the driver side caliper.
                        It looks like the pistons seal is leaking and might be applying pressure against the rotor or "dragging" on that side. Ordered a new caliper rather than try to rebuild it. I just don't want to deal with it so i'll replace the whole damn thing.

                        Fingers are crossed that was the only problem! :?
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                          The whole time I was reading this I was saying to myself man that sorta sounds like a brake dragging(dont know why it would only be under accel tho) but you had said that you KNEW the brakes werent dragging. well, hopfully that is your problem and you get it fixed.

                          Keep us posted.
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                            When I first looked there wasn't anything leaking and when I spun the wheel it wasn't dragging. Thats why I "knew" it wasn't dragging. Yet for some reason it only felt like pulling under a mildly hard to hard accel. All I can guess is that it was dragging just a little so that spinning by hand I wouldn't notice. But the dragging would become more evident as a load was put on it.

                            I changed the caliper and the problem dissapeared!