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Clutch: Z32 Pressure plate?

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    personally I like a short throw but stiff pedal, not like 400lbs stiff like a fiat clutch but stiff so that I could leave my foot on it and vary it based on ankle effort, rather than have to move my whole leg back and forth

    it should push back up fully with my leg resting on it basically


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      try these guys too. they rebuild pressure plates to what you want, I hear good things

      1254 Plains Rd E
      Burlington, ON , L7S 1W6

      Phone: 905-639-7873
      FAX: 905-639-4895
      Toll Free Phone: (NORTH AMERICA) 800-263-5159


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        I take it the company is called Euro Drive?

        I'll give them a ring!

        I think I am going to be writing a clutch faq eventually.


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          I can give nisstex a call monday myself and see if they can compare the act xtreme and hd for us, maybe we'll get lucky

          I did find the Spec D clutches with all sorts of combos up to 6xx ft/lbs but prices approaching 1k...

          you'd think that we'd have more high torque options considering the nissan trucks that use it, stoopercharged and all


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            jason, i can confirm for you that a stock z31 pp fits on a stock z32 flywheel. and the z32, z31 and z33 clutch plates have the same numbers through each line (sd, 6p, 4p) i talked to act about why they don`t make anything higher than a hd pp for z31/z32 and they said when we make enough power to kill them then they will start making clutches to hold it.

            almost gives me another goal to shoot for...

            Exercising my constitutional right to be awesome

            1.5.2. Podium winning cars do NOT need to be running at the checkered flag
            good thing....


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              autoworkZ wrote: ...they said when we make enough power to kill them then they will start making clutches to hold it.
              Well I started slipping the 6 puck at about 24PSI. Estimate somewhere around 540-560tq at the crank, so that would be over the 'rated' torque capacity when used with the HD pressure plate.

              Combine that with the 6-puck's miserable lifespan and harsh engagement; I've decided that I'm going to have south bend clutch build me a custom unit. Not only do I think they can do it as well as ACT, but they can do it cheaper, and they have a name that is even more respected in certain communities.