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Another fuel sensor question

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  • Another fuel sensor question

    Has anyone ever used an aftermarket tank sending unit? If you have, can you tell me what it is? I'm really tired of being gouged because I own a Z31, and $160 is just BS. for a part that shouldn't cost more than about $50 . My gas tank has been moved up into the rear compartment about 6" and even though I really don't want to the whole tank assembly, I will before I'll pay 3 times the price for this sender.

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    There are some options out there for OEM spec aftermarket fuel senders. I believe Dorman makes one that lists for around $50.

    If you have an analog dash, you're in luck - all the aftermarket senders I've seen are compatible with analog dash cars.

    If you have a digital dash (GLL), then you'll need the adapter box to translate the signal from the analog sender to the digital dash. Unfortunately, Nissan discontinued the part and I have yet to find anyone that has new old stock. I'm actually working on a design for a replacement, and if I can get my hands on some OEM connectors, then it will be an easy drop-in replacement (if not, there'll be some splicing involved).


    Correction: Dorman does not appear to make an OEM spec replacement. It looks like $160 is about the cheapest you can get a drop-in replacement sender.

    If you don't mind going with an aftermarket fuel gauge, then I would just install a fuel cell and an Autometer sender and gauge or something.

    If you want to use your factory fuel gauge, then you're pretty much stuck paying $160 for the sender (plus the cost of the adapter box if you have a GLL).
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