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Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor

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  • Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor

    Anyone have a clue where I could locate a speed sensor from? PN 2591121P01
    seems to be a discontinued part and not that easy to find. Didn't have any luck on ebay or anything of that nature. It needs to be for an 87-89 analog speedo because that range had them located on the trans. Any info or places to search would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'm lucky and one of you fine folks are parting one out??
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    Give Steve a call. He probably has what you're looking for.



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      Make offer, I have one from a T5, 71C and 30A. they all interchange BTW
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        From what I've read, they are all the same save for a different gear with which the match the rear differential ratio. So, you should really be looking for a speed sensor particular to your rear differential.
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