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    I installed a new radiator and its thicker than OEM. Im trying to put the front head light washer fluid back in and its not fitting in. The fan and shroud are in place but I cut the front half to compensate for the washer fluid and the OEM air filter. Will this severely impact the cooling or is this acceptable?

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    Depends on a number of things: primarily ambient temps and how well the rest of your cooling system is functioning. My Z didn't have the top half of the fan shroud when I got it and did just fine until we did a couple hard pulls on the highway in 102* temps. Then things got hot. Adding an upper shroud has helped in the meantime until I can replace the original radiator and revamp the cooling system.

    Alternatively you could ditch the stock clutch fan and swap in electric fans with a built-in shroud.
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      thanks. Hopefully it wont get that hot on the east coast


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        Just crazy humid